Loan Repayment Calculator

One of the most fundamental questions we get asked is, how much will this loan cost me?

It seems a pretty simple question but the answer can impact your decisions through the term of the loan and beyond and so it is vitally important to fully understand how the repayment profile changes over time – which is something that isn’t always adequately explained or demonstrated.

Our Loan Repayment Calculator can give you an indication of the likely interest and capital repayments you will be making over the term of the loan so you can be confident – when making purchases or funding business growth – that you have the disposable cash available to meet your current and future obligations.

How to use

1. Simply fill out the boxes of the loan repayment calculator below (remembering to include all fees you are adding to the loan) and press calculate.

2. The loan repayment calculator splits the loan repayments into capital and interest repayments.

3. The first loan repayment is adjusted for the time period between drawdown of the loan and the date of the first repayment (generally this will be 1 month form the drawdown date).

Loan Amount £
Interest rate
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Repayment period
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The results are indicative only and should not be relied upon when calculating affordability of loan products. For advice on suitable products and loan affordability please contact Oakmead Finance directly.

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