Business Cashflow Loans

  • Free up business cashflow.
  • Repayment options designed to suit each business.
  • Business cashflow loans agreed within 48 hours.
  • Support growth and expansion.
  • Secured or unsecured business cashflow loans.
  • Interest Only secured business cashflow loans available.
  • Use business cashflow loans for any purpose.

Our Commitment

When working with Oakmead you can be assured that we care as much about your business as you do. Our experienced team work with high street banks and specialist lenders to source and arrange a business cashflow loan tailored to our Clients requirements and circumstances. We take into account our Clients needs, timeframes and their plans moving forward and we will make appropriate recommendations based on this information. Ultimately our professional and comprehensive approach makes the process of obtaining a business cashflow loan hassle free and delivers a simple and affordable solution to help our Clients grow with confidence.


We have a strong appetite to support UK businesses and the ability to structure flexible solutions for all requirements.


We are business owners as well and understand the challenges businesses face. Our support and recommendations are based on the experience of what will and won’t work for a given situation or requirement.


We work hard to reduce all jargon, red tape and bureaucracy and aim to make the process to obtain finance as simple and hassle free as possible.

Secured Loan Features

London property loans

Rates from 4% per annum.
Interest Only options – serviced or interest roll up.
Terms from 1 month to 5 years.
First or second charge on investment properties.
Second charge only on owner occupied property.

Unsecured Loan Features

Rates from 5% per annum.
Repayment loans – amortising over term.
Terms from 1 month to 5 years.
Personal Guarantee required only.
Decision within 48 hours of application.

Key Criteria

Uses of Business Cashflow Loans

Bridging loan advice

  • Stock Purchases.
  • Marketing & Advertising.
  • Renovations & Refurbishments.
  • Acquisitions and Mangement Buy Outs/Ins.
  • VAT Payments.
  • Corporation and Income Tax.
  • Paying Wages.
  • Paying Suppliers.
  • Working Capital.
  • Equipment Purchases.
  • Funding Growth.


Who are eligible for loans?

Loans are available to UK corporate SMEs who have been operating for 2 years or more and can provide security.


What loan types are supported?

We support the following loan purposes:

o    Working capital

o    Stock/equipment/property purchase

o    Acquisition finance including MBO/MBls

o    Refinancing/restructuring


What is the minimum loan size?

Loans start from £25,000.


What security is  required?

For unsecured loans an unsupported PG is all that is typically required. For some larger or secured loans to a limited company, the minimum security expected is a 1st ranking debenture. A debenture creates fixed and floating charges over the present and future assets of the borrowing company. Additional security may be taken in the form of a specific charge over assets such as freehold and leasehold property, a chattels mortgage may also be provided in respect of specific items of plant and machinery.


Are personal guarantees required?

Typically yes. But these can be negotiated on a case by case scenario. If the PG is required and you are concerned about providing one PG insurance can be arranged.

What are the fees?

There are a few fees attributed to arranging a loan. Although these are structured on a case by case scenario. Below are the average costs of recent loans arranged. Please note these may be less or more depending on your individual circumstances or requirements.


1. Arrangement fee: 2% of the loan amount

2. Broker Fee: 1% of the loan amount

3. Interest Rate: 6% (secured loans); 10% (unsecured loans)


Can I repay the loan early?

Yes, you can and there are normally no penalties or additional costs for early repayment of the loan. The exception to this being if your agreement stipulates that the loan will run for a minimum number of terms. If you choose to break the agreement there will be a penalty and you will have to pay all due interest up to the minimum term.


What information do I have to provide?

Initially we just require you to fill out our simple factfinder form. We believe in a more human approach to evaluating businesses, therefore an Oakmead representative will contact you to take you through the next steps and what supporting information will be required.

“We had mounting cashflow pressure and our bank was unwilling to lend to us because of the lack of security we had. We contacted Oakmead Finance and they were able to come back the same day with several options for us. Once we had chosen which option to go with they helped us through the whole process until we finally completed. I thoroughly recommend Oakmead to any business in need of business funding.

– Mr V Gokhan

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Business Cashflow Loan facilities are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.